This is what I believe in.

I wanted to share it with you to give you a better understanding of what Bright Little Socks is all about. Because at Bright Little Socks we’ll be doing all of these things and many more. Are you excited?


PS: If you think drinking tea is boring, come over to my place and you’ll get the best you’ve ever had.

PPS: If you can’t imagine what world change and knitting have in common, check out Stephanie’s work at Space Cadet Creations. She’s knitting for world peace.


This picture was drawn by my talented and ever amazing best friend Isa. Check out her drawings here.

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20 Responses to The Bright Little Socks Manifesto

  1. Janet says:

    this is the cutest manifesto i’ve seen, ever!! love it and good work by your friend. it’s definitely that home grown, homemade, DIY feel which goes well with your blog. and it would be great to have a cup of tea with you!

  2. Iris says:

    I’m so happy you like it :)

    Let’s have a cup of tea one day, okay? If you ever come to Germany, let me know!

  3. Ken Schauer says:

    Now this is something I can get behind… I’ve never kicked around the idea of doing a manifesto, but now I am! As for the tea drinking… I always thought it was a good time… anything brewed makes me happy!

    • Iris says:

      Let me know when your manifesto is posted :)
      Tea drinking is an instant pick me up for me. I love it, especially now that it gets so cold. And brewing tea is a real science in itself. :)

      So you’re a beer blogger? That’s really cool. I’m German and though I don’t drink pure beer all that often I’m glad you’re spreading the beer love in America. The one beer I had during my stay wasn’t all that good :)

  4. Great manifesto Iris, and so colourful! Chamomile tea for me … I love the stuff :)

    Just wondering, could you give us the link to the world peace stuff on Stephanie’s site, rather than just the front page. Cheers m’dear :)

    • Iris says:

      Hey Annie,

      thanks for pointing that out. I actually had quite a few troubles finding that at her site, but she talks about it in the interview where I’ve discovered her. You can see that here

      If you don’t feel like watching it, here’s a quote from that site:

      “Stephanie truly believes that knitting & crochet are shortcuts to world peace. Why? Knitting & crochet beg us to slow down, get grounded in a tactile way, and connect with each other as human beings.”

      Hope that helps :)

  5. Jo says:

    Wow! That’s such a great way to present your manifesto! Very jealous!

    I feel bad, being English and everything, but I don’t drink tea. I’ve never tried it. But I’ll be in Germany at some point so maybe you can finally show me what all the fuss is about! Whereabouts in Germany again?

    • Iris says:

      That would be AWESOME! I live in Mainz near Frankfurt.

      I didn’t like tea until my dad got really into it and made it a science. He tests out every new brand of tea he gets and usually when he’s done with the the tests everything tastes amazing. :)

      So yes, please come visit me!

  6. Lindy says:

    Hey Iris!
    Bright socks are the best, I love wearing my orange socks in my purple sneakers! True story! Bright little socks come first in line after barefoot :-)
    Seriously though, I love your manifesto – big compliments go out to your friend Isa too. I totally agree with all these thoughts and truly hope your little space on the internet will bring good things to the big bad world.
    Boil me some water for a herbal tea will you?

    • Iris says:

      Orange socks and purple sneakers? Sounds like a stylish combination to me :)

      I’ll do my best to make the big bad world a little friendlier.

      And a big YES to the herbal tea!

  7. Izzy says:

    Iris this is straight up awesome! I love the visual. How long did it take you to make this?

    Super duper awesome with a triple cherry on top (and springles too)!

    • Iris says:

      Thanks so much for the cherry, Izzy!

      I don’t know how long it took Isa to make this, but I guess quite a while. She’s a creative genius. :)

  8. Benny says:

    Now that is a creative manifesto! Love it! I love a cup of tea as well. I’d like to try your kind because I’m just used to good Chinese tea. But I’ve never had a tea I didn’t like.

  9. kat says:

    When I used to work in the corporate world, where we were required to wear uniforms, I always made it my own by the socks I wore – fun, colorful, and full of prints. For the holidays, I always had prints that reflected them – spiders and moons and stars for Halloween, snowmen and snowflakes for Christmas, hearts for Valentines – you get the idea.

    I could always cheer myself up by looking down at my feet. My coworkers got in the habit of checking them out first thing in the day, too!

    • Iris says:

      That is AWESOME Kat! That’s exactly what Bright Little Socks is about.

      I can only imagine the funny looks you got from some of the business people. Really brave, just how I like it. :)

      I hope you’re still wearing your bright socks, even though you have escaped the corporate world now.

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